Yes, You Can Hire Better

Recruiting and hiring has changed.
Best practices and “follow the leader” thinking will keep you stuck in the middle.
Here’s the map on how your company can compete and win in the war for talent.

TALENT CHOOSES YOU is now free and open source! 

Talent Chooses You takes recruiting on a wild ride that elevates Employer Branding as the critical component in our competition for the next generation’s best and brightest. 

– Gerry Crispin, CareerXroads

Anyone (EVEN YOU) CAN compete for BETTER talent

You just need to take a smarter, more strategic approach. Learn the secrets from a thought leader who has built and supported the employer brands of dozens of companies you probably know.

Available June 15, 2020

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Advance Reviews for Talent Chooses You

James Ellis has been bringing his own brand of magic pixie dust to the employer brand space for years, and this book is that sparkling powder in written form.

Holland McCue, Delta Air Lines

This stellar resource of a book lets you plug into his brain, and methodically covers everything employer brand professionals ought to know.

Jörgen Sundberg, The Employer Branding Podcast

About James Ellis, Employer Brand Nerd

Before falling in love with the art and craft of employer branding, James Ellis was a digital marketer with 15 years experience learning how audiences think and behave online. He has taken those skills and  become one of employer brand’s leading voices, developing and activating dozens of brands of every size, running The Talent Cast podcast for more than three years, writing the Employer Brand Headlines newsletter and writing for a number of industry publications. His mission is to evolve the conversation around recruiting and hiring. He lives in Chicago with his wife and daughter.

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James Ellis, Employer Brand Nerd


There is one voice I listen to in this space above all others and that is James Ellis. His take is fresh, honest and actionable, all three things you need to take a good idea and make it work.

– Allyn Bailey, Intel

Talent chooses you: employer brand cover

©2020, James Ellis
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“James has written a must-read business book for the modern recruitment professional.
-Eva Baluchova



Of the many many MANY misconceptions about employer brand, my favorite is the idea that it is… fuzzy-bunny, something”nice to have” or that “other companies do.”

Those people also see employer brand as a way to fill the top of the recruitment funnel, as if it was another word for “recruitment marketing.” 

Nothing could be further from the truth. Your employer brand isn’t some bit of throwaway goodwill or ephemera to be tossed aside. Your employer brand is a strategic business asset, one that attracts more of the right kind of talent, shorten conversion times, increases offer acceptance rates, increases talent retention, and becomes the shared reason why people love to work for you.

This book reveals the source and power of your company’s employer brand, how to nurture it, how to develop it (like you would any other asset), and how to use it to help support every single aspect of your business.

Based on years of consulting and in-hour employer brand management work, this is the book you need to read to see and tap your employer brand’s potential.

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Advance Praise for Talent Chooses You

Talent Chooses You is the roadmap for the next hiring revolution.

Eva Baluchova,

“Talent Chooses You” is the road map to understanding the importance of employer branding and how to build value for everyone involved.

Chris Murdock, IQ Talent Partners

James Ellis is a unique and necessary voice in our industry. His debut book – Talent Chooses You – lands as you would expect a James Ellis product to land – passionate, fearless, idiosyncratic, funny and true. Essential reading for any Employer Brand specialist, it’s value extends to cover all those who care about fixing our broken recruiting experience. 

– Hung Lee, Recruiting Brainfood

This book is a surge of fresh air, blowing dust off decades-old beliefs and practices that do not work in our modern world of work. It is a playbook for employer branders, and a trail guide for those looking to enter this fantastic field. I’m not exaggerating when I say that you will be changed after reading this generous outpouring of wisdom that we need right now.

– Allison Kruse, KForce

Hire Better with
Employer Branding

Learn what an employer brand really is, how impacts your hiring, where it comes from, and how any company can leverage it attract and hire the talent they need.

Talent Chooses You is the first Free and Open Source employer brand. 

Read the Open Source Version Here

Excellent advice on creating your employer brand, and optimizing your business results from it. This is an outstanding formula for how to proactively answer the question “why” (should I consider the opportunity, refer someone I know, write the job posting that way, etc.).

-Coby Schneider, Intel

Talent Chooses You is the new bible for the Employer branding practitioner and the novice alike and is a must read for any HR professional seeking to improve the quality of their candidates.

-John Graham, Amgen

This is a workbook, complete with guides, checklists, and examples of exactly what to say and how to say it



  • Strategy for getting recruiters to listen to your ideas
  • Project list that will help build relationships and trust with recruiters (and set your metrics up for success)
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to execute the projects, so that even if you don’t think you’re a content strategist or copywriter, you’ll be able to build effective job postings and employee profiles
  • Example emails to send to make sure recruiters and hiring managers actually work with you
  • More than a dozen free ways to create engagement and activation through the recruiters 


Recruiters are the front lines of your employer brand strategy. They may be the very first person from your company to even speak to the candidate, so they can plant the seeds of your EVP or brand promise that bear fruit down the road.

But if they don’t, achieving your own goals will be twice as hard.

So learn how to develop projects and practices that turn skeptical recruiters and recruitment leaders into employer brand cheerleaders.  

Available on Amazon now!  

Your Employer Brand Depends on Your Recruiters, So Get The Most Out Of Them

The handbook which walks you step-by-step through the projects you need to build great relationships with recruiters and train them how to support your brand.

Includes checklists, examples and emails you can copy and paste immediately to turn your recruiters onto advocates and fans.

Available now in paperback and Kindle

Available on Amazon Now!

In today’s world, where talent have options, not only do they want to know the WIIFM argument, they want to know the WIIFU (what is in it for us) in terms of impact, growth, and relationships. True to form, James keeps it on the nose and pulls no punches. A great guidebook to help you delivery your own testimony for your brand.

– Elizabeth Lembke, Transforming Talent


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